Australian made luxury soy candles. Environmentally friendly candles by Gascoigne & King.

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At Gascoigne & King we are committed to the environment and we take our impact on the environment seriously. With this in mind, we do not use waxes such as Palm wax, which is often harvested through means which lead to the destruction of native rainforest and the degradation of precious species habitat, or parrafin wax, which is produced from non-renewable crude oil. The production of both palm and parrafin waxes contribute excessively to global warming.

Gascoigne & King candles are made from farmed soy wax harvested from fully sustainable resources and use metal free cotton wicks. Even our glasses are high quality drinking glasses and we hope that you will recycle and re-use these too. In addition, all of our packaging is made in Australia using recycled paper and cardboard, and renewable local forestry resources.

Gascoigne & King candles are not mas produced. Each and every candle is hand made with great pride to meet our exacting standards. This ensures that every candle produced is of the finest quality for you to enjoy at home.

We hope that you enjoy our gorgeous and environmentally friendly luxury scented candle range.