A gorgeous rose inspired scent, Grace is a delicate combination of floral fragrances including hints of rose, tuberose and honeysuckle. Feminine and enduring Grace will become a favourite for all time.

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A timeless favourite, Figue embodies the classic earthy fragrances of Fig tree & fresh ripe figs.
Love Vanilla
Rich and sumptuous, the Love Vanilla candle is a Gascoigne & King favourite and will leave a lasting scent of this gorgeous Vanilla fragrance for days.
Mount Fuji Rice Flower
Simple and tranquil, Mount Fuji Rice Flower is a delicately blended fragrance combining rice flower, fig and vanilla.
Miss Savannah
Youthful and floral, this gorgeous fragrance blend combines notes of citrus, white tea, ginger, lemongrass & jasmine.

Reminiscent of a delightful morning walk amongst the terrace gardens of Paddington, this stylish fragrance is a perfect combination of earthy tulips, golden rose and tuberose.

Pear Angelys
French inspired, Angelys Pear is an indulgent fragrance reminiscent of the sweet, juicy pears grown in the rustic Angers region of France, south of Paris.
Gardenia Veitchii
The Veitchii is a classic Gardenia variety, and this simple yet elegant fragrance perfectly captures the essence of Gardenia.

Inspired by the uplifting scents of spring, fresh cut grass and morning dew. Belle is a combination of green leafy notes, geranium, spearmint and bergamot with a crisp citrus finish.


An indulgent and uplifting fragrance. Aria combines cedarwood, sage and sandalwood, with a crisp berry and citrus finish.

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